Student Photographers everyday carry

dylan summerfield
Plymouth Great Britain
This is my typical day to day everyday carry, With my essentials included. As a photographer I must carry my camera with me at all times because you never know what you're going to come across, even if its just walking to university everyday. Of course I carry my macbook for all the essential internet exploring, photo editing and more. Next is my notebook and pens to write down notes from lectures and planning photographic ideas. My keys and wallet is a lot of peoples essentials, i wouldn't get far without them! My knife is essential for cutting up paper, cardboard, making my sketchbook look as wild as possibly and mostly to keep flipping it when I get bored. Lastly my cap just because I've been wearing caps for years and I never leave my house without it and my The North Face Triclimate jacket because It's so comfortable, simple and warm as Its coming up to winter.

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