Machine Era Ti5

Machine Era Ti5

Minimalist plate wallets seem to be all the rage these days, but they're not without their faults. Some are so simple they begin to lack function, while others are so complicated they're hard to use. Machine Era's new Ti5 improves upon their original wallet that helped kickstart the trend (and the dozens of other wallets that followed). It's constructed from 6AL4V titanium, making it stronger and lighter than its aluminum competitors at only 0.8 ounces. The titanium plate offers effective RFID protection when carried with the open side against your body and accommodates up to 9 cards plus cash. Machine Era also addressed accessibility—a common problem with plate and band wallets—with a rear thumb slot that lets you slide out one of your most used cards. For a durable, compact wallet that'll shed a few ounces off your carry, grab the Ti5 on Kickstarter at the link below.

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Seriously, I get tired of seeing cool EDC items and then being shunted to someone's kickstarter - which means the thing doesn't actually exist yet. My luck with kickstarter goods has not been positive, so i refuse to back any and wait for them to arrive for real.
they have successfully launched their last campaign for the machine-era wallet. And they aren't asking for a crazy amount of money. I'm confident that this product will see the light of day. That being said you are right in the fact that nothing is "really" a guarantee when dealing with kickstarter.
I have Kickstarted several projects (including the original Machine Era wallet) so I'm not opposed to crowd funding in general. But it's bullshit when websites pass off press releases as content and drive traffic to these funding pages for products that don't actually exist.
I had their previous wallet, it was good, but there is one problem with these wallets made of metal, you can't put it in one pocket your wallet and your phone, especially if your phone has glass panels on the back, the result is: so many scratches..