KeySmart 2.0 Extended

KeySmart 2.0 Extended

Your keychain is a great place to start adding more tools to your everyday carry, but as soon as you start mixing multiple keys, a flashlight, multitool, and other gear, it can get out of hand. The KeySmart 2.0 transforms your mess of keys into a sleek, portable solution in a way traditional keychains can’t. It works by sandwiching your keys between an aluminum frame and allows them to swivel out as needed (think swiss army knife for your keys). It’s changed the game for so many EDCers here, making it the most carried key organizer on the site. We’ve spent plenty of time with the KeySmart ourselves—check out our review on it here. If you’re looking to clean up and quiet down your keys, pick one up from our store via the button below. To sweeten the deal, enter the coupon code “DOORBUSTER” for an additional 15% off.


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All the reviews on this say it breaks easily. This true?
I have it and I have had no problems. Makes a lot of room in my pocket as well. I would recommend it
ive a mine for 6 months now no problems after alot of use you have to tighten the screws though