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Joule Power Strip

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Ashley Woo
Joule Power Strip

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Picture this: you’re finally ready to get some work done, whether it’s at the office or a local cafe, and your laptop and phone are about to die. You scramble to plug in before your devices shut down, but there’s not an available outlet in sight. Though we find ourselves needing them all the time, an EDC-worthy power strip is long overdue. The Joule is one potential answer, engineered to be useful for work and attractive enough for your home. Its detachable, variable length cable lets you trail the Joule across the room or keep it mounted to the wall. It delivers 16 amps across three AC outlets and two built-in USB ports for rapid charging of your devices. The outlet actually illuminate, too, so you won’t have to risk fumbling with sockets in the dark. With its modern and compact design, the versatile Joule Outlet can keep you powered on the go, or even find a home in yours. Pre-order it before December 11th on Indiegogo at the link below.

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Fatr Dezs ·
a power strips are usually ugly and bulky, however if you'd rotate the connectors 90 degree and make a bit more space between them it would work better with adaptors, but if it's a good quality one and with the lights inside which is really helpful it can worth the price
Stephen Lewis ·
No battery? That's a lot of money to spend on a power strip. I have extension cords and power strips already. If it had a battery that would perform like a laptop battery this would make sense to me. I have to give this one an F-.
Harp Ghoman ·
Hi Stephen, thanks for taking the time to give your feedback on Joule. We love the idea of integrating a small battery into our product to supply a bit of juice to USB devices. However, our goal was to first build a premium set of power outlets because none existed on the market to our satisfaction. Yes, there are plenty of power strips and extension cords on the market today, but they're uninspired and bulky and well... ugly. So we started with that in mind–build a power strip we would proudly include in our travel bags around town, to take to meetings, and on business/personal trips. A power strip we could pull out at the airport or coffee shop that would compliment our design aesthetic because at Joule, we believe the things we own say something about us. Then, while we were fixing ugly, we went and fixed a few other things like fixed length power cords–we gave Joule the option of swapping in different lengths with a detachable cable. We also gave it illuminated outlets because fumbling around in the dark looking for a plug is just annoying. A simple mounting plate lets you put power outlets where you need them instead of digging behind the bed or TV stand each time. All of these things in our feature set, that set Joule apart from other power strips, stem from the desire to design something that's as beautiful as it is useful. That being said, one of our first stretch goals on Indiegogo is to include a small battery. So if enough folks want it, we'll make it happen. :) Cheers! -Harp, Joule Founder/CEO