Tooligan EDC Copper Edition

Gary Blevins
Orange County CA
Another version of my every day carry with a some added door knocking and "just in case" items paired with my favorite copper pieces and an early Kickstarter wallet release to test out.

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Matthew Del Rocco ·
Loving that tin! What kind of things do you keep in it? Do you carry it on your person?
Gary Blevins ·
I carry it most days..if not on me then in a pack. It has eye drops, a microfiber cloth, 2 spare AAA's, a coffee stopper cut to toothpick size, some pain killers and chapstick. My second Altoids contains more "survival" basics...but that's always in the pack.
Chris Lunsford ·
Love the copper. Wonder how much it would be to have a leatherman done in copper. Like the wave for example.
Chris Lunsford ·
Or if anyone even does that.
Gary Blevins ·
I've not seen a Leatherman in copper...it is a soft metal relative to most tool steel and stainless so not sure the pliers would hold up. Maybe a few of the components and tools within would last though, great idea!
Chris Lunsford ·
Maybe a copper toned alox like the scales on the victorinox alox cadet
Gary Blevins ·
Thanks for the link! I'll keep an eye out
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