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MecArmy SGN3

Mike Geoffrey Espineli
MecArmy SGN3

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If you look around for a decent keychain light, you’d be disappoint to find most of them use the same underpowered 5mm LED. Often times, these aren’t even as bright as the flashlight on the back of your smartphone. The MecArmy SGN3, however, is a powerful exception. It boasts a 160 lumen output from its main LED, while two smaller LEDs flanked on either side add extra versatility. A red LED preserves your night vision, while an ultra violet light identifies UV-sensitive items. To power them all, the SGN3 features an on-board battery that conveniently recharges via micro USB in just 90 minutes. It’s all packed into a durable, die-cast alloy body. If you've been looking for a tiny powerhouse or a versatile backup light, consider the MecArmy SGN3 for your keychain.


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Mohammed M ·
What's the battery life like?
Hexagon ·
Pretty cool little thing. Step up for the tube and a lot more manageable than the sidekick. Almost too many mode options for what it is.