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Joshua Larson ·
I purchased it with the expectation that it would be bigger and heavier than a regular pen. I do find that the weight of the pen is considerably more than an average pen however in my mind I have justified having it because of the function that that the weight plays as a self-defense tool as well as a glass breaker in the time of need.

It serves a great function as a tertiary to all. I mean that in a sense that, when you're put in certain situations were a conceal and carry is not appropriate then you have to go with your secondary line of defense which can be a knife but there are situations where you cannot bring a conceal and carry nor a knife into whereas this pen or serve in that capacity and there is no environment that will not allow you to bring in a "pen".

Thank you for the question and let me know if there's anything else I can answer to help you on your journey towards every day carry awesomeness.
I've been considering purchasing the Uzi tactical pen and was wondering if you find it bulky to carry compared to a regular pen?