My Work Carry

Southgate, MI
This is What I carry with me to work every day. I have more pockets in my lab coat so the drug name reference guide and note book ride up front in the left coat pocket along with my hand sanitizer, the Schrade Pen and Coast light clip in my breast pocket, the SOG multi-tool rides on my left hip belt carry and the Benchmade Triage is traditional pocket carry. I filed down the G10 under the clip to save the fabric on my pants. The SOG Micro and Kershaw K-tool fit into my wallet and the first aid kit fills out my lab coat in the front left pocket. Everything else is in my pants pockets. Not shown here is my iPhone 4 (used to take the picture) witch stores in my front right pants pocket. I don't have a name or model for the Swiss army knife, the only difference from the Swiss classic SD is the additional finger nail clippers.

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