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Hong Kong
Rarely do I need to use knives, but I always need scissors on-the-go, which explains for the swap.

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The link to the Wallet takes me to Amazon, but not to the wallet. :)
Awesome, I'm A Civil Engineer Student From Puerto Rico!
Ive been thinking of grabbing the olight s10r 2. How do you like it?
I have the s1 and s2 batons.
How does the S2 fit in your hand? If you can wrap your fist around it without having it stick out, then there's probably not much need for the S10R, especially since S2's brighter and longer-lasting. S10R is actually a little shorter than my closed fist. If it were just a few millimeters longer, with a magnetic clickie at the end, it would be perfect.
Where did you get the Muji notebook dude?
From a Japanese department store that sells lots of interesting items, such as toothbrush stands.
Why carry the three flash drives?
The one on top is the cheapest one and is used on computers that I think will have viruses. The other two have more space to hold important information.