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Most of my items are carry in my Quecha FORCLAZ 40 Bag, so i don't have all of these in my pockets but I have my bag all the time with me.
I choose an Ogon Wallet because its blocks RFID.
I have to have the time in any condition, day, dark, in the rain, and easily readable, that's why I choose the Traser.
I I realy like the Mechanix Gloves , they have an awesome dexterity, even with firearms trigger.
I hate listenig to bad quality music, so I have the Cowon X9, witch is one of the best Mp3 Player on the market. The headphones are a pretty good compromise between quality and price.
I'm going by bike to work every day, so I carry some tools / Light / Pump to prevent any problem.
Even if I don't smoke I got a lighter with me, always good to have something that's make fire.
I don't think I have to explain the leatherman, usb stick, notebook and agenda, theses are basics.
At last, the Boker Knife is affordable, got a really good steel, and not so big to fit in any pocket.

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