Leather Sheath EDC Pocket Organizer

Leather Sheath EDC Pocket Organizer

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Hardy, quality tools paired with handmade, custom leather is often a winning combination. Both age gracefully, with use and wear creating a patina that’s unique to your activities. With proper care, they can carry out their functions for years to come. The EDC Pocket Organizer is one such product to bolster your kit, handcrafted by the leathersmiths of Bushgear Leatherworks out of Lisbon, Portugal. Cut from two tones of beeswax-treated leather, the sheath has two pockets to protect and organize your pocket knife, light, and multitool combination. Bushgear can also completely customize the Organizer to your color and style taste, including adding extra pockets or attachments to suit your every item. Design your ideal EDC sheath and check out Bushgear Leatherworks' other products at the link below.


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to florian ladwig - could you share with us your leatherwork, please. I love to see it, so I can compare and give you some credit on your comment
sorry, but doing leatherwork myself, i have to say that these look exceedingly crude (intentionally?) for their price. at that price you can also get nice industrial made pocket sheaths for example from knives ship free and other vendors...
Loving these features on the pocket EDC organizers!