My pocket dump

Andreas Pettersson
Vanneboda, Orebro Lan, Sweden
This is the most i carry in my pocket on a daily basis, some of the items may be rotated out like the leatherman and the folder knife. Latest addition is the really clever little Maratac flashlight.

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Bill Givler ·
That knife looks like a Ripple, not an Onion.
Andreas Pettersson ·
You are correct that id thingy hade issues with it. :(
Chris Lunsford ·
So i have a silver and a black fisher bullet but only a silver clip and I've always been hesitant to swap them back and forth and mix the colors since I usually try to have a color coordinated carry, And after seeing the way yours looks I think i will give it a shot. Nice carry.
Andreas Pettersson ·
Yeah i think the chrome works well with the gloss finish of the titanium nitride pen. :)