My 2016 kit

Luis Mercado
Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico
This is my strict carry. It can vary a little. Sometimes I'm carrying my Fuji X100s along with this, or my Sol Republic's Master Tracks XC (Calvin Harris tuned).

I love Ray Ban's designs, but I'm not very fond of their most popular pieces –the Wayfarers or the Aviators– I'm more inclined towards the more stylish Round Liteforce or to the Wayfarish but improved Meteor model. I choose between them every other week.

The Mido Commander has quickly become my favorite piece of carry. A timeless design of perpetual movement. This will be my last watch in my life and I'm sure it will easily outlive me. This is the Aquadura crown sealing system edition, making the watch water and sand proof. The thick sapphire glass can withstand anything.

The Skeletool is a lifesaver. I use it daily for box opening and furniture/object building. The blade is resistant and has never had to been sharpened so far.

The iPod Nano 3g (Fat) is my favorite iPod, design wise. This one has a little curious history as I found it on the street. Maybe it was discarded because the system locked constantly and it was imposible to listen to any of its tunes in its entirety. Once I restored with iTunes has been working flawlessly and the battery still last a lot.

Oddly this is the third iPod I've found lying on the street and still working.

The iPad Mini 2 is my main work tool since I have all my classes' presentations in there. It also always carries a selection of books and is my main internet consumption machine.

My iPhone is my most constantly used gadget. The Marble Case by Fabrix is elegant yet a head turner. I pair it with a black marble wallpaper. The phone looks phenomenal.

The Parker Jotter is my favorite pen ever. Sadly it's been harder and harder to find the classic black model; that was what my grandfather always used as a doctor. However the new model still works and looks good.

Finally my Kent Folding Comb. My hair is unruly and this little fella has my back for those urgent hair-fixing situations.

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Jesse ·
Unruly back hair is never good. The Kent will fix you, no question!
Luis Mercado ·
It has already proved itself useful more than once.

When you think about how many times your hair can get messed up due unexpected conditions it's almost logical to carry somethings like this.