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Foursevens Navi Smart

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Ed Jelley
Foursevens Navi Smart

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Lose things a lot? Foursevens has a solution for you. Known for their quality flashlights with solid build quality, they've introduced what may be the toughest trackable out there. Made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, the Navi Smart combines a small light with a Bluetooth tracker. This makes it easy to find a lost item whether it’s nearby or completely out of sight. The companion app sends an alert to your phone when the gear in question (a backpack, camera bag, or anything else) falls out of range, reminding you to double back for it. The app will also pinpoint on a map where the app and tracker were last paired. As a backup light, the Navi Smart emits 2 lumens for up to 5 hours or a conservative 0.4 lumens for up to 20. This impressive moonlight mode preserves both night vision and battery life while giving off just enough light to illuminate the area. If you want that extra peace of mind for your most important gear, bag, or keys, consider picking up the Navi Smart.


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