My Weekend Carry

Dustin Veitch
Film Producer (age 31)
My weekend carry is all about simplicity and only carrying what I need to while taking photos during my downtime:

The Pentax K1000 is built like a tank and has very few features, which can be easily operated with a clear mind.

A small locally-made leather wallet, my trusty notebook, and durable brass pen never leave my side.

A small packet to ensure fresh breath.

Key ring outfitted with the Victorinox Classic SD, keys, and of course an S-Biner to keep them intact as I navigate my surroundings on the weekend.

Oh, and my WP's.

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beautiful kit.
where is that tripod mount wrist strap from?
Fernando Gonzalez ·
Awesome camera, which two lenses are carrying?
Anirban ·
Beautiful camera!
I love the FarmFresh Greenbacks. Perfect size.
Love my K1000. Such a good walk-around/beater camera. They're so rugged and have excellent glass.
Jeff Britton ·
Love the K1000, got my first one in 1978. Picked up a second one (with two lenses) at a Habitat for Humanity store for $50 in the 90's. Traded one of the lenses at a pawn shop for a Realistic Direct Drive turntable with solid wood base and got $20 to boot!