Sweet, Simple, and to the Point

Robb H
Harrisburg, PA
I hate carrying lots of items and bulky items, so I try to streamline what I carry as much as I possibly can while still keeping things that are high quality and durable.

The Glock 26 is great because you know it will always fire when you need it to. I don't have to worry about keeping it super clean, or if its going to get scratched or marred. Its small enough to conceal, yet has enough bullets to kill anything (or anyone).

My father is a police officer, and wore the original g-shock when it was released in the 1980's, and wore that same watch up until the mid 2000's. When I enlisted in the Army, I knew that I would want the durability. It truly is "The Glock of Watches".

The Maxpedition Encore is what I believe the perfect design for a wallet. The interior layout is designed so that your cards cannot fall out of the wallet when it is folded. I only wish I could find a leather wallet with the same design for dressier occasions.

The KeySmart is a dream come true. No more bulky keys stabbing you in the leg while in your pocket. Brilliant.

The Streamlight Nano - because everyone should always have a flashlight on them.

The SOG Flash II is the perfect knife for me. In a grocery store, you have to open boxed and packages all day. Its nice to have a knife that quickly opens with one hand while being big enough to tackle most any job, but small enough to not be obnoxious.

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Nice simple setup. I am also a firm believer in glock and g shock