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Spyderco Positron

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Spyderco Positron

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Right off the bat, the Spyderco Positron features two qualities that make it an excellent choice for your next EDC knife. First, it's designed by custom knifemaker Brad Southard. His collaborations with Spyderco have produced some of the highest quality and best-designed production knives in recent years. Second, it comes out of Spyderco's Taichung, Taiwan factory, known in the knife community for having an excellent manufacturing pedigree. With those traits in mind, the Positron delivers the goods. A little over 3 inches of full flat-ground CPM S30V steel offers a hardy, corrosion-resistant blade ideal for everyday carry. Contoured carbon fiber make up its handles, allowing for an ergonomic grip and the material affords lightweight strength even with hard use. Ball bearing washers assist the Positron's flipper action and help reduce friction to ensure a long lifetime of smooth performance. A reversible wire clip also allows the knife to serve in either left- or right-handed orientation. Look into adding Southard's latest and greatest to your EDC at the link below.

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Trevis Overocker ·
I just cannot see spending anywhere near that much for a pocket knife. Maybe I've lost too many, broken too many, etc. They're awesome, but for the normal among us, the sub $50 range is much more realistic.

Edit: I just got a Kershaw Cryo, and its fantastic. The SpeedSafe opening, sharpens wonderfully, and isn't obtrusive in the pocket. Mid 30 bucks on Amazon.
Raven ·
Beautiful knife, ugly price. Am sure you likely get an awesome knife for that price, I will stick with great knife for great price for something that gets as used and abused as my EDC knife !
While I tend away from Spyderco, based solely on personal preferences (e.g., the hole), I thought maybe this might be one I'd purchase (I own or have owned a few), and then I saw the pricetag. Nah. Nah. Nah.
Seriously, who shells out that much for a pocket knife.
Dennis Longer ·
You can buy a Spyderco made in mainland China for $30-40. People will buy this model because they appreciate the better quality blade steel and carbon fiber scales plus the superior design that Southard is known for.
wes mantooth ·
As it turns out, quite a lot of people. If you don't care to, that's perfectly fine, but it's a bit disingenuous to feign shock that certain consumer products carry a premium price tag and there is a corresponding segment of consumers that will happily consume them. Knives, tools, watches, clothes, automobiles, you name it.
wes mantooth ·
Big swing and a miss on this model. Pointy handle, difficult to access liner lock, overly thick handle slabs. Definitely looks better in pictures than it feels in the hand.
Bruce Maczko ·
Like Travis said of the price! Holy cow....outta my budget. I'll stick with my swiss army
Looks a lot like the Kershaw 1830 OSO Sweet for just over twenty bucks.