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Nite Ize Financial Tool

Jacob Dean
Nite Ize Financial Tool

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The Nite Ize Financial Tool helps to answer a question you probably didn't even know you had: how can a wallet become lighter, thinner, and more useful? First, start with a forged credit-card-sized plate of stainless steel designed to include a bottle opener, scraper, 3 wrenches, separate phillips and flathead screwdrivers, and a metric/imperial ruler. Next, add a secure cash wrap strap that has been designed to keep its elasticity even after prolonged use. Lastly, make it travel friendly, thin enough to fit into a front pocket, just over an ounce in weight, and available in either black or the original stainless finish. For days when you're traveling light, or simply want to get rid of your bulging George Costanza wallet, the Nite Ize Financial Tool can lighten your carry without sacrificing security or usefulness.

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Davee Sisneros ·
I've had mine for a day and I like it. The only critique I would give, is that they are under utilized the cash strap. It would be better if it was just a solid band instead of two separate ones, so money or cards won't get hung up on the second band when trying to put them back. And that being the only design flaw I've experienced, it was a good buy and I would recommend it.
Cole Turner ·
White Knight ·
"Lighter, thinner, and more useful". Maybe we'd all praise those sentiments, and this wallet looks well crafted. The 'more useful' bit of the equation I would question here, in terms of security. If, being a Good Samaritan, you assist a stranger with a sad face and an unopened bottle, you then have to either take time emptying the wallet or flash the cash. Also, most EDC-ers would surely carry a multitool that would perform more tasks better.
Judy Bartlett ·
The last item I ordered from EDC on Dec 31, order 3146136, has still not arrived. It was the Tuls Ollie Multitool. I was informed that it shipped several weeks ago, still not here, and now the price has dropped by 1/3. Just a caution to buyers.
Richard Wezensky ·
How many cards can it hold?
That depends on whether or not you plan to carry cash. With maybe 4 bills folded twice (i.e. a quarter of the original length), I still can carry at least 5-6 cards.