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Grovemade Brass Minimalist Wallet

Jacob Dean
Grovemade Brass Minimalist Wallet

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You might not realize it now, but sometime soon you're going to be going somewhere where your bulky everyday wallet is an inconvenience. The Grovemade Brass Minimalist Wallet is for those times. Constructed from solid brass and vegetable-tanned leather, the Grovemade wallet is solidly built while still maintaining a slim profile.

The compact case is just large enough to hold an ID, bank or credit card, and a small fold of cash, and slips easily into a pocket. The Brass' rounded corners and beveled edges also keep it slim, making it just as at home in a suit or tux as it would be in a pair of jeans. The classic look of this wallet also means it will never go out of style. If the architects who designed New York and Chicago in the 1950s had made wallets instead of skyscrapers, this is the kind of product they would have come up with: something durable, timeless, and eye catching.

Made in America, the Grovemade Brass Minimalist Wallet will fit the bill for days when you want to travel light and make an impression. Find it (and a more lightweight aluminum version in other colorways) at Grovemade’s shop.


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