Intl. Press Launch Carry-On

Cape Town, South Africa
I live in Cape Town, South Africa, but occasionally travel abroad for various events. I just got back from a motorcycle press launch in Spain, and dumped my carry-on to log it.

It's a pretty long haul: two 7-9 hour flights with a stopover in between. Everything you see here is designed to keep me connected, entertained, comfortable and healthy—while keeping everything as neat and accessible as possible. The only thing missing from the photo is a spare T and pair of undies, that are usually crammed into a small Ziplock; and a hoody, that's usually crammed into the netting on my backpack.


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Cthulhu ·
Very nice travel EDC.
What is your opinion on the Borealis? Do you feel it stands out or blends in? Do you carry it while riding?
(Nice cap!)
I love the Borealis... I bought it because it ticked all my boxes as a carry-on pack (and being on sale at the time didn't hurt). Namely a laptop section (with a padded bottom so that your laptop doesn't take damage if you put the bag down hard), separate main compartments and a fair whack of organiser pockets, decent size, nice padded back and straps (I like to walk around airports to keep the blood flowing), and a drawstring on the outside for stashing stuff. And yes, I occasionally use it while riding too. Oh, and the cap was a freebie from Yamaha at the event I attended, thanks :)