Tools and Fire

Zach Ashcraft
Photographer (age 31)
Fort Worth, TX
This kit serves me well during the weeks as a photographer and filmmaker, and on the weekends as an outdoorsmen and adventurer. The Leatherman tool kit is especially useful on a film sit while adjusting lights and repeating or making grip kits. The Zippo and Exotac provide fire while I'm hiking or light my Jetboil at work (for coffee!). The Surefire G2X Pro has been in my pocket for over a year and is used multiple times a day. The Thyrm Cell Vault holds 3 C123 batteries in cause the surefire ever goes down. Best of all, its all weatherproof. While the leatherman and surefire go in my pockets, the grid-it goes into my bag of choice for the day.

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Cthulhu ·
So, this isn't really your entire EDC... Cheater!!
The Grid-It looks great. And nice photo!