My Everyday Carry

Jason Muniz
Rosamond, California
My Glock 26 is in a Bianchi 100 Professional IWB Holster. The spare mag is in an Aker single mag holder. My iPhone 6s is in a tech21 impact tactical case. I made the paracord bracelet myself from TOUGH-GRID Mil Spec Type IV 750lb paracord in mixed camo color. The swiss gear wallet is from Target. It has a magnet money clip that is very strong and works well even with a lot crammed in it. It also has two card holders on the bottom side not shown in the picture(I keep my DL and Debit Card in those two) and comfortably fits the six other cards(4 paper) I have in the middle slip pocket. It's a great slim minimal front pocket wallet that I highly recommend. And not pictured I have a Levi leather belt from Macy's. The moleskin notebook and fisher space pen don't always go with me, it depends on what kind of pants/shorts I am wearing(simple 5 pocket jeans for example).

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