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First Draft Co. Notebook

Bernard Capulong
First Draft Co. Notebook

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Great ideas, no matter how big or small, have to start somewhere. If pen and paper are your preferred workflow tools, then it’s only fitting to jot down the beginnings of your next big idea in a First Draft Co. notebook. It’s designed to capture and protect your thoughts with the freedom of large, high-quality, blank sheets. Each page conveniently lays flat, giving you a full edge-to-edge landscape to work with so you can make every page count. Wrap it up in a durable woven fabric hard cover for durability, and use its included elastic band to keep the book shut and your pen or pencil of choice at the ready. For easier access to your notes, you can remove the band altogether, and jump back into place with an integrated anti-fray ribbon bookmark. At 5.5 by 8.25 inches with a massive 224 page count, the notebook is on the larger side to last through your first draft and many more to follow. With a strong feature set and made in the USA quality like this, the First Draft Co. notebook needs little revision. They’re available in navy, brick red, and sand beige to check out over at First Draft Co.’s website.


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Darwin ·
I guess I’ll buy this note.
Chris Paragas ·
A beautiful way to jot down some ideas! I'm definitely interested in the brick red one.
Jazz1 ·
I have one on the way for my spouse. I'd get one myself, but even I can't read my handwriting ;)

William E Ketchum III ·
This is beautiful, can't front. Great colors, fly band, nice logo. I'd probably use this if it were gifted to me. But I don't see myself getting rid of my trusty Moleskine for this. The band seems like it may be annoying to take on and off, and I can see myself losing the band and being upset. Plus, back pocket on the Moleskine is still extremely useful. I would honestly think about it though, which doesn't happen often.

That pen is great too, but I'm all about the Z-301, which I also learned about through EDC.

Keep up the great work guys.
Dan Baxter ·
Anyone know what kind of paper is used? Specifically, how well it would handle fountain pens? Some bleed more than others.
Bernard Capulong ·
I reached out to the guys at First Draft Co, this is what they told me:

"Thick, 70lb. text stock. The texture and tight grain ensures a smooth stroke with just the right amount of feedback through the writing surface. It is a 104gsm, opaque, bright white paper."

Hope this helps! I wish I had my fountain pens with me to test for you, but the paper fared well with my Signo 207 and Pilot Juice refills
Mike ·
Does anyone know what pen that is in the image?