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Wipebook Pro

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White boards are great for working out an idea, showing it off to others, and most importantly - they're easy to clean up. The one tiny problem with trying to EDC one is that most of the time, they’re gigantic… and bolted to the wall. The Wipebook Pro lets you bring a whiteboard with you, along with all the perks of its wall-mounted counterpart. Each book contains 20 pages of whiteboard paper that's excellent for on-the-go use. You can write on the pages with dry erase markers, but don't worry about smudging and accidental erasing. The new Wipebook Pro contains pages coated with a proprietary hypergloss film that ensures each page is clean and marker free, but only when you want it to be. The brass wire binding complements the faux leather cover while letting you lay the book flat for easy digitization. If you want digital backups of your written ideas, you can easily snap a shot of your notes thanks to the Wipebook Pro’s bright, clear pages. The covers even include an integrated pen holder so you're always ready to write. The Wipebook Pro comes in several different sizes, with or without ruling. Head over to the Kickstarter via the button below to learn more.

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