The Timeless Pocketknife

Los Angeles, CA
One of my most practical, useful and versatile tools in my EDC setup is the Victorinox Swiss Army Super Tinker. It has everything I need and nothing I don't. Even the parcel hook is useful for loosening knots and carrying grocery bags. At an affordable $25-30 price range, it's one pocketknife that will have you ready for a multitude of tasks at any given time without breaking the bank. Heck, I've gifted these (and other SAKs) to my friends and they've loved it.

One of the positives of the Super Tinker (aside from its utilitarian bits and doodads) is that 99.9999% of folks don't see it as a weapon or a life-threatening object. Rather when they see me pull out this guy, they usually compliment me for having the tool that they needed in a pinch. I don't have to justify carrying it like I would with my other folding knives (yes even the small Sebenza 21 gets the occasional raised eyebrow). Most everyone recognizes the Swiss Army for what it was made for: utility and practicality.

So what is my favorite tool in this particular model? Scissors, scissors, scissors. It's not only great for cutting off tags and frayed threads but it works most excellently as a nail cutter. That's right, it cuts nails so well. As a guitar player, having long nails can be a pain so being able to pull out my Super Tinker and give my nails a quick trim is oh so fantastic!

Victorinox Swiss Army makes quality enduring tools for all types of folks. For me the Super Tinker has become my most practical go-to EDC tool and I'm sure it'll be yours as well.

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EverydayArsenal ·
With a knife like that Sebbie, you need a top-notch pen to go with it. ;)
Daniel ·
So true! I'm not so much into the pen game but starting to look around! Recommendations?
EverydayArsenal ·
I'd start by checking out KarasKustoms, TactileTurn, and Ti2 Design for USA-made solid-machined pens. Then look into rOtring, Kaweco, Pilot, and Lamy if you want more/different stuff.
Daniel ·
Great thanks for pointing me in the right direction!