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JP-Tac Tactful Keychain Pen

Ed Jelley
JP-Tac Tactful Keychain Pen

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Keychain pens can be useful additions to your EDC, but they only do one thing: write. The Tactful Keychain Pen from JP-Tac does much more than that thanks to some added tools, giving your EDC extra utility in the same amount of space. The cap contains an integrated bit holder that allows you to make quick fixes on the go. When paired with the optional multitool, the pen becomes even more capable. The bit driver fits into the multitool for extra leverage so you can get more torque on that stubborn screw or rusted bolt. The Tactful Keychain Pen also features a tungsten steel glass breaker for emergency situations. Tools aside, this offering from JP-Tac is still a writing instrument at heart. At the core of this durable, EDC-ready writer is the tried-and-true Fisher Space Pen refill — ideal for writing in any condition. The pen is available in both titanium and aluminum in various finishes. Hit the Kickstarter link below to secure one for yourself.

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Just supported these guys. Super excited. Hope it comes sooner than later.
JP Tac ·
@APT: This is JP from JP-TAC. Thank you for your support!
Jessie E. Horne Jr ·
Just supported them as well. This will be added to the other Titianum tools I will be ordering from JP-TAC in the very near future.
Dean Netzler ·
Has anyone heard from him concerning the Kickstarter campaign?