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SOG Twitch II Rosewood

Jonathan Tayag
SOG Twitch II Rosewood

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Despite the original Twitch II’s popularity as an EDC knife over the years—with its compact design and convenient assisted opening—it wasn’t suited for more formal occasions. SOG, known for their tactical gear, gave the Twitch II a makeover that’s more in line with a gent’s aesthetic on the Rosewood model.

A simple change of the handle from aluminum to rosewood takes the knife from tactical to dressy, resulting in an EDC that’s less likely to draw unwanted attention when you pull it out. And while the new handle looks good, it isn’t just for aesthetics. The woodgrain texture provides a better grip than the smooth aluminum handles on the original.

The Twitch II Rosewood keeps the same one-handed, assisted flipper operation and satin-finished, AUS 8 drop-point blade that earned the Twitch II a spot in many EDCs. The sub-3” blade length makes it not only less threatening , but also an ideal size for your daily tasks. If a classy gent’s carry is more your style, the rosewood refresh of this popular knife is worth a second look—grab it at the link below.

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Jaysun ·
Wow, pretty surprised that they didn't burn the SOG logo into the handle. That is the most mellow looking item from them I have seen.
Rene ·
So nice, so simple.
I never bee the one down with the tactical EDC stuff.
This knife is definitely in the list.
Kenneth Bredehoft ·
I got this for my grandpa christmas 2016, i have to say it is a solid piece and the lock is amazing. it looks as sharp as it truly is and there isn't much better for the price

just realize it is not large. personally i love how small it is
gnarlychess ·
I'm interested in this knife... but I'm also considering the CRKT M4-02 (the one with bone scales). I realize they are pretty different but those are the 2 in my price range at the moment I'm most interested. Anyone got some advice for me or thoughts on which is better?? Thanks!
Kenneth Bredehoft ·
it is as the name suggests, twitchy and assisted. i mean that in the best way possible because it is amazing. plus there is a lock to lock it closed and opened further than what the back lock does alone
Drew ·
The Twitch line knives are harder for me to use. I pull back and push down on flipper knives. This means I press down on the back lock and cause too much friction for the blade to fully open on the spring assist. Their great knives, I just can't use them well.
Kenneth Bredehoft ·
i loosened up the blade screw just a little and it deployed better