Off Duty EDC

Sam Nehf
Firefighter (age 22)

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J.S. Leonard ·
Good looking carry.
Dave ·
That's the knife I've been looking at! The Benchmade Crooked River. What are your honest thoughts? Would you buy it again?
Sam Nehf ·
I have no regrets with buying this knife. From the moment I saw it in the videos from shot show 2016, I knew that I had to have it. It is my first benchmade and is currently my most expensive knife.. But damn, is it ever worth it! It is large (4 inch blade), but definetly is gentlemanly enough to carry around the "sheeple" and even they can appreciate the beauty of this knife.
Dave ·
I love all my other Benchmade's. And I'm looking to not carry my current 4" just due to the cost and rarity. I'm getting me one lol. With the wood of course. Such a good looking blade!