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Raleigh, NC
Some of my favorite EDC items I take daily, special thanks to this site for continually helping me find more great items to spend money on!

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A friend of mine used to work for Bulova, he gave me an internal mechanism from one of their watches years ago as a curiosity. It appears to be the same as yours, but I have no case or fingers.
It is a really neat watch, the first electric one I believe, it hums.
My friend told me they hummed too, also recall him saying it was the first electronic watch. An oscillator made the tuning fork vibrate via the two small coils at the top if I recall. Lovely watch.
Have you had the bottle opener long? Do you think it will hold up?
I have had it most of a year at least, but honestly its more of backup one I keep in the wallet so not for heavy usage. As long as you're not bartending with it I think it will hold up fairly well. I used to keep a stainless one in my wallet, but the wight difference was enough to make me like this one better.
I was thinking of getting a similar one, but I was afraid the carbon fibre would wear out quickly. Thank you.
I really like the chill. A sleek knife.
Agreed! Quality for the price
Awesome spyderco!
Thanks! It's certainly a favorite for me as well.