Native Union KEY Cable

Native Union KEY Cable

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Mobile phones and other electronics are now an essential part of everyday life, but their batteries leave much to be desired. A smart way to make sure your devices are always juiced up when you need them to be is to carry a small charging cable, like the KEY Cable from Native Union. It’s designed to ride on your keychain, so you’ll always have a cable when you need to recharge.

Its compact design gives you the best of both worlds: it’s short enough to easily carry, but long enough at 6.5” when open to let you use your phone while it’s charging. The KEY Cable comes in two models: an Apple-certified lightning connector and another with a micro-USB connector. The cable itself is made of a durable braided nylon, tied in a monkey fist knot—useful for defense against tangled wires.

The KEY Cable is now available in a fresh new nautical edition (shown above), with a red, white, and blue pattern that’s perfect for summer, on the Native Union website. Check out more colors of the KEY Cable at the link below for a simple, stylish way to keep your devices out of the red.

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been using min for over a year and a half and had no issues at all with it!! neither frays or the cable breakage - now the caps that have the key loop on it has loosened up a little but the cap still stays on pretty strong. I also have the 6-8ft cord to charge my phone with at home and its held up just as good
The concept is good, but it looks like the components they use (wiring) may be as vulnerable to shorts and other malaises as cables that cost much less.