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Mikey Bautista

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We've done it. We've finally hit peak minimalism with key organizers. KeyDisk Co. out of San Francisco have made what could possibly be the most low-profile, yet still functional key management system on the market. Constructed from two plates of 1.5mm-thick, sandblasted, and anodized aluminum, the KeyDisk Mini secures as many keys as needed in its lightning-bolt shape, and lets you deploy them in Swiss Army Knife fashion. Stainless steel screws hold up to 8 keys in its default configuration, with extenders allowing you to add even more keys and compatible tools to the stack. And at 0.35 ounces, the MINI barely weighs more than the keys it's carrying. Check out the MINI at the Kickstarter link below, where backers can pick it up in matte black or brushed gunmetal finish.

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Robert Razavi ·
Just backed them following this review. Like Jason Scofi, I am hoping this does not get the 'loose screws syndrome' ... Will be my first, too.
Taylor ·
I have a KeySmart and I love mine. It is hard to find that sweet spot initially. Once you do though it works wonderfully, and I have no problem pulling mine out quickly.
Kenji ·
The Keydisk Mini looks easy to use. I currently have a Key Smart, but find that accessing keys is a little more cumbersome than I'd like. With half the key sticking out of the Keydisk, it looks as if I could pull it out quite easily.
Jason Scofi ·
ive heard alot of stories with these type of key holders that either the screws are too loose, and the keys flop around, or theyre too tight and you cant rotate them out. its hard to find that sweet spot. Would you concur?
PS i backed these guys a few days ago! this will be my first key carrier.
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