My Work-Tech Bag

San Jose, California

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nice collection. seems straight out of the promo video. definitely interested in the bag.
I really like that Access Pack!
Are you testing the Access Pack or do you have a friend in the right place? Just asking because they're not supposed to be available until 1st July 2016. You lucky sod!
I am not testing the bag. The northface released it on April 25 in the US. From my knowledge, it sold out immediately but I was able to find one in stores
Keep checking online. There was a restock I believe last week
How is the Access pack working for you? I saw a promo for it after I bought my Surge. I think overall the Surge is more my style but Access shows promise!
Curious to know as well.
It works great. The features all work flawlessly. If you're looking to stuff this bag with clothes for a weekend trip, this is not the bag for you. I use this bag to carry all of my tech related gadgets. I carry a MacBook Air in the laptop compartment, but I can easily carry my MacBook Pro in the main compartment as well. I highly recommend the bag
It seems like if it was pure tech it would be awesome, but I use the Surge for work, vacation, personal, etc. I'm happy you were able to get one as part of your EDC. Great submission.
I use it strictly for tech. I have a northface recon for anything else that I need to carry