My Work-Tech Bag

Brandon Kwan
San Jose, California

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Raghu Ram ·
nice collection. seems straight out of the promo video. definitely interested in the bag.
Zak Aston ·
Are you testing the Access Pack or do you have a friend in the right place? Just asking because they're not supposed to be available until 1st July 2016. You lucky sod!
Brandon Kwan ·
I am not testing the bag. The northface released it on April 25 in the US. From my knowledge, it sold out immediately but I was able to find one in stores
Brandon Kwan ·
Keep checking online. There was a restock I believe last week
Franklion ·
How is the Access pack working for you? I saw a promo for it after I bought my Surge. I think overall the Surge is more my style but Access shows promise!
Andrew ·
Curious to know as well.
Brandon Kwan ·
It works great. The features all work flawlessly. If you're looking to stuff this bag with clothes for a weekend trip, this is not the bag for you. I use this bag to carry all of my tech related gadgets. I carry a MacBook Air in the laptop compartment, but I can easily carry my MacBook Pro in the main compartment as well. I highly recommend the bag
Franklion ·
It seems like if it was pure tech it would be awesome, but I use the Surge for work, vacation, personal, etc. I'm happy you were able to get one as part of your EDC. Great submission.
Brandon Kwan ·
I use it strictly for tech. I have a northface recon for anything else that I need to carry
Ian C Medina ·
I really like that Access Pack!