It's time for Change!

Elad Burko
New York, New York
There have been countless slim and thin wallet on the scene recently, all solving the pain of the thick bulky wallet, but there is one thing that they all left out: coins. Why? Because coins are thick, heavy, and clunky and if you want to make the world's thinnest wallet, coins are not your friend. That is, until now…

Handling coins just got a whole lot easier with the Magic Coin Pouch. There are no zippers, buttons or snaps, simply ‘flick it’ to lock and unlock access to your coins. The coins automatically align & stack within the Magic Coin Pouch and take up minimal space. Even when the Magic Coin Pouch is full it’s still so thin and small that it fits in the mini pocket in your jeans!

The campaign is now live on Kickstarter, and change is inevitable - get yours before its too late.

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