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SOG PowerLock Traveler

Adam Molina
SOG PowerLock Traveler

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A necessary but annoying part of travel is getting through security. If you forget to leave your pocketknife and multi-tool at home before getting to the airport, you can say goodbye to your trusty EDC gear.

SOG designed the PowerLock Traveler multi-tool to meet TSA standards and regulations, making it a great option for travel. It features 16 tools, but a sharp edge isn’t one of them. That may be a deal breaker for some, but it does have needle-nose pliers, small scissors, a Philips screwdriver, and many other functions to make up for it.

Security measures aside, it’s still a workhorse of a tool. A compound leverage system on the pliers provide added gripping force for harder jobs, and wings on the handle add comfort during use. If its 420 stainless steel construction is too tough on your pockets, it comes with a ballistic nylon pouch with a clip for more carry options too.

Everyday inconveniences that require snipping, screwing, or prying don’t disappear just because you step on a plane. And when you’re in a new place, it’s best not to take chances. If you travel often and want to be prepared when you do, pick up a PowerLock Traveler for your carry-on at the link below.

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JIm Hamrick ·
Hi Adam,
Thanks for the bladeless SOG review. Just wanted to suggest a way to avoid saying goodbye to your trusty EDC gear in the event you run into a fickle TSA employee (unfortunately we all know they are out there). I've been carrying a comparable sized Leatherman bladeless for years, don't remember model number. Based on suggestion from OneBag.com, I always carry a prestamped preaddressed USPS Priority Mail flat rate mailing envelope (think it was about $6 postage). If you ever get flagged by TSA you can simply put your questioned EDC in the envelope...pull off the adhesive flap to seal...and mail back to yourself. I've had to use it once and it worked like a champ!
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