Minimalist Titanium EDC

Drummer (age 24)
Atlanta, Georgia
Drummer, Photographer, and adventurer. This kit gets me through just about any scenario!

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Genius way to add a "catch" feature in your Benchmade! Thanks for posting!
Thanks man! I was a user of Kershaw for years and I loved their wave feature. But when I got my Benchmade, I really missed the feature. So i searched through various blogs and found this solution!
Yeah, my first knives were Kershaws with the wave feature. Then I fell in love with Spyderco. When I saw the zip tie hack, I was good. But then there are a ton of knives with the thumb studs that I want but don't have a catch feature...but since you posted this, my wallet is gonna hate me!
Well I am glad to share my #knifehacks haha! And my wallet has hated me ever since I bought Amazon Prime and discovered this website! haha
I'm so tempted to get Amazon Prime...must resist! #RIPwallet