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Liberty Clip Paracord Keychain

Adam Molina
Liberty Clip Paracord Keychain

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Chances are you're already using a keychain to carry keys, so why not EDC one that can do a little more? The Liberty Clip goes above and beyond ordinary keychain duty with its paracord construction, bottle opener, and cash stash functionality.

Since it's made of paracord, you can count on it in survival situations, but it has some features that'll prepare you for more common emergencies too, like losing your wallet. You can hide a folded up bill in plain sight right on your keychain thanks to a small, built-in clip that functions as an emergency cash stash. It also doubles as a bottle opener, so you won't have to rummage through your pockets for one the next time you try to crack open a drink. (Just try not to lose your wallet and your keys, okay?)

Its HK-style hardware clips to your belt loop, letting you tuck your keys away in your back pocket. If you want a backup plan for urban and outdoor emergencies (or if you just want a stealthy bottle opener for the summer), grab a Liberty Clip at the link below.

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Omega ·
certainly something i will invest in the future, looks quite secure, although i would rather have a carabiner at the end so it can hook on to something else as well in order for extra security.