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BACKPAIX Commuter Backpack

Mikey Bautista
BACKPAIX Commuter Backpack

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At first glance, the BACKPAIX appears to be an ordinary backpack with an extraordinary set of features. That is, until the smart badge on its exterior winks at you. Or flashes a smiley. And it's probably smiling because the BACKPAIX is happy to offer all the features urban commuters need from a daily pack.

Made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the bag is weatherproof and ready for your travels both in and outdoors. Its compartments are tailored to the modern EDCer, from an easy-access upper pouch, side pockets that fit your laptop or tablet, to sections for your water bottle, tripod, and even an extra pair of shoes. 30 liters of capacity let you pack as much as you need for the daily grind or weekend getaway.

Techies especially will get a kick from the BACKPAIX's smart features, including an optional battery to charge your devices and endless potential in the smart badge system that works with a mobile app. The smart badge has modules for signaling turns as a biker, expressing your mood with emojis, or ensuring your backpack doesn't stray with a geofence buzzer that makes a noise if it gets separated from you.

The BACKPAIX has possibilities still in store if its Kickstarter campaign hits its stretch goals, so click the link below to grab one for yourself and make your commute a little bit smarter.

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Brad ·
30 Litres? A bit on the small side for weekend getaway/carry-on duty...