Dutch EDC - Prepared for Dutch weather with some great "Dutch design" items

Designer (age 28)
Eindhoven, Netherlands
I don't see many umbrellas around here but for me they're essential to be prepared for a sudden cloud-burst. Out of all umbrellas, the Senz is definitely one of the better ones, being storm-proof and perfect for cycling. Along with that, I'm proud to carry some other items of Dutch origin such as the Dopper water bottle and the Secrid wallet (the coolest wallet I've ever owned).

Ok have to admit the phone and watch are not so Dutch... but definitely part of my daily essentials.

The "Cavity Card" inside the Secrid is actually something I 3D printed myself. It allows me to carry some coins, my SD card and flash drive inside my wallet.

Oh and what's more minimal for a keybar than a simple bolt and nut?

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