New knife-law in Denmark

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Denmark, europe
From July 1st 2016 a new knife law enters into force in Denmark.
This means that the term "dangerous knifes" disappears and it is now possible to carry one-hand-open knifes with lockable blades up to 12 cm (autos and balisons are still prohibited).
Only condition is, there has to be a "creditable reason" for carrying the knife(?)
A "creditable reason" can be anything from gutting a fish to peeling an apple... I think...

Further more, it has been stressed that carrying any kind of knife at public events, such as concerts and sports events, and in places like bars and nightclubs are strictly forbidden and the penalties have been increased dramatically.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to be able to carry my beloved one-hand-open lockable knifes for any "creditable reason".
I just hope that the law, in case I get caught, also perceives my reasons to creditable.

Not everything can be solved with an app on a smartphone, sometimes all you need is a sharp knife...

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Glad to hear that they have eased up on knife use and possession! My biggest problem with travel in Europe is that you can never tell when it is legal or not to carry something as simple as a pocketknife. Nice carry knives and post btw.