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8 EDC Essentials Made in the USA

Ed Jelley
8 EDC Essentials Made in the USA

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Happy 4th, EDCers. To celebrate, we’re highlighting some of our favorite EDC gear, all made in the USA. Whether you want some festive essentials to make your carry a bit more patriotic or you just want to support local businesses, there's something in this guide for you. We've rounded up a nice mix of classic American gear as well as a products from new, up-and-coming brands here in the states. Check 'em out…

American-Made Gear

  • Buck 110The Buck 110 is the classic American-made knife. If your grandfather carried a knife, there’s a pretty good chance it was one of these. (For a more modern knife alternative, the USA-made Kershaw Link is a bargain.) (Buy on Amazon)

  • TGT Americana 2.0Handmade in the USA by local craftsmen and artisans, the TGT Americana 2.0 is patriotic without going overboard. You’ll appreciate the slim form factor and light weight, especially when wearing shorts. Fun fact: it's one of the most successful Kickstarter wallets of all time. Check out our full review here. (Buy at TGT)

  • Leatherman SquirtNine tools, all on your keychain or tucked away in a coin pocket. The Squirt packs in pliers, scissors, and a bunch more for an all-in-one tool ideal for everyday tasks. (Buy on Amazon

  • SureFire SidekickThis light is small in size, but huge in output. The ergonomic form factor pumps out up to 300 lumens in a weather-proof, keychain-friendly package. Even better, you can easily recharge it between uses via USB. (If you’re looking for a USA-made light in a more traditional style light, consider the Peak Eiger.) (Buy on Amazon)

  • Fisher Space PenThe Fisher Space Pen is compact yet comfortable to write with, thanks to way the cap attaches to the back of the pen. Throw one in your pocket and you'll never have to ask “Can I borrow a pen?” again. (Buy on Amazon)

  • Recycled Firefighter HK Clip KeychainThis handy keychain from Recycled Firefighter clips securely onto a belt loop or bag using heavy-duty, HK-style hardware. The webbing features a reflective stripe, making your keys that much easier to find should you drop them in the dark. (Buy on Amazon

  • Zippo Made in USATiki torches, citronella candles, and fireworks all have something in common—you need fire to enjoy them the most. Get the fire going with a classic, American-made Zippo. (Buy on Amazon)

  • Schwood Francis AcetateSummertime means much more sunlight. Give your eyes a break from squinting with these stylish, made-in-USA sunglasses made from premium acetate and real wood. (Buy on Amazon)

What are some of your favorite American-made essentials? Are you carrying anything special for the 4th of July weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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Nathaniel P ·
Love my Recycled Firefighter Chauffeur! I have the black version, makes carrying my keys incredibly easy. Although the material is not the recycled firehose, I love that I can support a small American business and clean up my EDC at the same time.
Garrick Zinecker ·
I have a TGT Nightcall 2.0 myself. Fantastic minimalist wallet.
Michael ·
Now that is your classic, good for about anything knife.
Tara ·
I have to say this post is what made me pull the trigger on a Recycled Firefighter wallet. I've heard nothing but good things about the company and their products. Luckily for me, they recently came out with a bifold style wallet for folks who still wanted something a little more classic. Couldn't be happier with the wallet and included it in my recent EDC post. Thanks for the Made in USA post!
Rite in the Rain ·
Jake makes good stuff - he sent us a few of his wallets and notebook covers after he made custom-fit covers for our pocket notebooks. The finish of the hose is different from product to product just by virtue of it having been recycled, so it makes for a cool look when you have a small collection of his items.