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Pav k
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Varna, Bulgaria

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Chris Lunsford ·
Also Pav I was going to email you about making me a brass Flint multitool but this saves me a step. How much do you charge for custom orders?
Pav k ·
Hey ! About the custom designs - between 20 to 40 USD , depends on model, size, material etc. About the knife, it's still in decent quality, this particular one the pic, is made between 1945-1955 (i know this from the logo on the blade, since they are changing it every decade) and it's a good all purpose small knife. But you should consider a lot of cleaning and polishing before using it.
Chris Lunsford ·
Okay awesome. I'll email you with more details in regards to that custom order. Thanks.
Chris Lunsford ·
My local treasure shop has a few of these old Imperial Kamp King knives for like ten bucks. These all have those metal (aluminum since its such a thin and lightweight metal?) handscales though which is why I havent gotten one yet. Do you like it? Is the blade steel decent? I know they still made them in the U.S. when these models came about.