Everyday Carry

Slide Survival Belt

Everyday Carry
Slide Survival Belt

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"It blends in on a pair of slacks or coupled to a suit. It’s when it comes off that Slide’s Survival Belt really shines. The buckle is not unlike a Swiss Army knife, revealing a bottle opener, titanium nitride coated AUS-8 stainless steel blade, and an LED flashlight. Both the nylon fiber unibody buckle and strap are durable, resisting water, frost, abrasion, and long exposure to UV light. And best of all, like all of Slides belts, there aren’t holes along the strap, granting a greater degree of adjustability thanks to their notch system which slides along and locks in wherever…" ()

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Cody m ·
These particular buckles are huge and totally heavy. Its like wearing a brick on your waist.