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Civilware Pointer Field Knife

Everyday Carry
Civilware Pointer Field Knife

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"When senseless bureaucrats — you know the type — deem the centerpiece of many EDCer’s aggregation to be too pointy, sharp, long, or easy to access what’s a modern day boy scout to do? Enter Civilware’s Pointer Folding Knife. This friction folder cedes thumb studs and serrated edges for smooth simple lines that carry possible almost anywhere. Instead of a traditional lock or a liner-locker, the Pointer utilizes an extended tang to keep the knife open in your hand. Though small in size the 2.5-inch heat-treated 416 stainless steel blade is corrosion resistant, and exhibits excellent edge retention and sharpening properties. Titanium and G10 handles make for an ergonomic and elegant piece…" (via )

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C Nathaniel Von Lind ·
Great design! Simple and small. I'm not sure how I feel about the arm bar sticking out while it's closed. I'd like to see some video reviews of this piece.