Sunwayman T26C Flashlight

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So you want a light that’s as bright as it gets and lasts a long time? Use one that runs off 18650 batteries. But if you take a look at the lights out there, you’ll find a sea of nondescript, identical black tubes with similar specs and features. Then there’s the Sunwayman T26C. It’s not your usual 18650 light.

For starters, black isn’t its only color. Its type III-anodized aluminum alloy body also comes in sky gray and champagne. If it looks shorter than other 18650 lights, that’s because it is, measuring only 3.66” lengthwise—only 1.1” more than the 18650 battery that powers it.

Its deceptively short head hides a unique convex lens paired with a smooth reflector. Together they create a wide beam, able to throw for longer distances with 800 lumens behind it thanks to XM-L2 U3 emitter. Its wider beam makes it useful for evenly lighting up an area during up-close work compared to lights with harsh, concentrated hotspots.

You can navigate its four other modes with a stainless steel side switch which also provides a comfortable underhand grip. An included pocket clip, anti-roll head shape, and flat tail also let you carry and use the T26C for all your everyday tasks. If none of the 18650 lights on the market have piqued your interest, then Sunwayman’s T26C may change your mind.

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