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Zero Tolerance 0220 Anso

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Zero Tolerance 0220 Anso

You don't really need an introduction to Jens Anso, do you? The Danish designer and knifemaker has made some of the most unique and desired EDC tools. So when he drops something new, we take notice. His latest collaboration with Zero Tolerance is the 0220, a flipper knife that pairs his distinct designs with ZT's high production quality.

As befitting  Zero Tolerance's premium offerings, the 0220 doesn't hold back on the features. The 3.5” blade is made from Crucible's premium S35VN steel with a stonewashed finish and drop point shape that’s useful for everyday tasks. It uses a ball-bearing pivot to smoothly engage the blade with a flip out from its bead-blasted, titanium handles. The 0220 secures with a titanium frame lock, made even sturdier with a hardened steel lockbar insert. Anso's distinct touches pop right out from the knife, including a high-visibility orange aluminum backspacer with built-in lanyard attachment and decorative pivot.

This is a hefty knife from a heavyweight knifemaker, made in the USA with custom-level fit and finish usually reserved for pricier blades. It's also still fit for EDC despite its beefier size and weight. Now's your chance to own this Anso exclusive, so pick one up at the link below.

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Richard Young ·
All things considered this is pretty inexpensive for a quality titanium frame lock.
Love the design, just wish there was a thumb stud. Flippers aren't satisfying to open, and I'm a realist...at this price point, knives sit on my desk to be admired and opened/closed.
Ronald Eades ·
I really like the new knives the way they are machined is just amazing ,but I`m looking the other way now G10 ,liner lock and maybe 154 steel thats easy to open and slip back into my pocket at less than 2.5 oz`s.the new blades are works of art and something to behold if thats what you want ,but to put a ti knife in your pocket with keys and change ,well you know the rest of the story.

Denis ·
Model "0220" - it means it's price?
David Gross ·
Yikes, $200+ for a pocket knife? I'd be scared to death to loose it. Give me a $20 knife that can fall out of my pocket any day.
Kristian Kolby ·
Buy a swiss made tool!
Robert Razavi ·
This particular knife has been on my wish list for some time! At this price, I would most likely baby it however!
Russ Malcolm ·
Were you guys paid by Zero Tolerance to write this review?
David Vo ·
There are multiple mentions of the post being sponsored by Zero Tolerance. Which part of this is confusing to you?
Russ Malcolm ·
Not confused, just salty that another site I like is positioning paid ads as original content. There is even an author! How do you feel about it in general?
David Vo ·
I think it's a tough position for a blog to be in. It costs money to run and operate and it's very difficult to do so without taking on ads/sponsorship.