Urban Pack by Borku

Christian Borku
Barcelona, Spain
Every day I move about 30km to reach my office in the morning before leaving attempted home pick in my backpack all the things that will help me to spend the day in the city of Barcelona (Spain), including articles survival to help me spend a few hours in case of disaster.

After leaving the army (The Spanish Legion) I decided to finish my studies in fine arts at the university and devote myself to the overall design and now have my own design studio (Borku Branding Studio / borku.com).

I am a big fan of survival and I love the forest and outdoor camping whenever I have a chance to escape the city.

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Gerald Woller ·
Simple yet very thought out kit! There's nothing in there I wouldn't pack myself.
Nat Wagstaff ·
The Pack Config Recon Patch can be purchased here if anyone is interested: www.packconfig.com/pack-config-store