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Maxpedition Spartan Wallet

Ed Jelley
Maxpedition Spartan Wallet

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Maxpedition is known for their tank-like bags and packs, and their approach to wallets is no different. The Spartan wallet is an improvement upon their popular PUG wallet design. At the request of customers they’ve ditched the zippered coin purse, resulting in a more pocketable wallet.

Inside the Spartan, you'll find plenty of pockets, each secured by a hook-and-loop tab to keep your cards and cash from falling out. The back of the wallet features an external mesh pocket that’s ideal for quick access to your most used card or for flashing your ID.

If you’re looking for durability in your EDC wallet, all Maxpedition gear features a triple coat of polyurethane plus a coat of Teflon for wear- and water resistance. The Spartan comes in several MILSPEC colors like Black, Olive Drab, Khaki, and Foliage Green, available at the link below.

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Garrett ·
I really like mine just wish it was also RFID blocking.
Chris Myers ·
Here's a hint. Clearly showing that a product is made in Vietnam is a bad move.
Curt ·
I actually appreciate the honesty.
Wang-Franklin ·
Great wallet,for it's a water-proof one,what else matters?
Had mine for 5-6yrs.beat it like a rented mule.still looked good and velcro still worked.only reason I changed wallets is I got a trayvex axis for Father's day.
Tony ·
Had mine for a little while, great wallet. Mine says made in taiwan though
Wang-Franklin ·
All of the Maxpedition products are made I Taiwan,just because it's a brand from Taiwan.
Tony ·
I own several maxpedition bags. all great quality stuff.
Wang-Franklin ·
Well,I own several Magforce bags.