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When you think of keychain flashlights, you might think of small, flimsy designs with barely enough output for everyday tasks. If you need something that's solid with more power, your only option is usually a much bigger, bulkier light.

With the SureFire Sidekick, you get stunning performance from a flashlight that's easy to carry on your keychain. Its ultra-portable 2.5” form factor weighs just 2 ounces thanks to its polymer body construction. This material makes the Sidekick light enough to live on your keychain or off a carabiner, yet rugged enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

A top-side, push-button interface gives you easy access to its 3 levels: a 5 lumen low that lasts 45 hours, a general use 60-lumen medium, and an unprecedented 300-lumen max for a flashlight of this size. With these specs, the Sidekick outclasses lights that use much larger batteries and higher voltages. 

It uses a built-in micro-USB port to charge its integrated Li-ion battery, making it as easy to charge as your phone while sparing you the weight and hassle of carrying extra cells. And while it might look like just another key fob, the Sidekick takes keychain lights to new levels. Pick up this portable pocket rocket from Surefire at the link below.


This is a sponsored post presented by SureFire.

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Cool, but as usual for Surefire stuff, overpriced.
Speaking of really cool keychain flashlights, this Kickstarter has just over 40 hrs to go:
Looks pretty cool. I hope it turns out better for the backers than the recent Kickstarter project, the BULLET light. Small keychain twisty, very similar. It was a disaster.
The fact it is coming from TEC Accessories, goes a long way in reducing those concerns. They are an established company, and if we can believe them (likely), they have already completed the design and many pre-production parts. For me, this is the type of Kickstarter project which poses the least risk, and usually delivers on time, or early.
Why a disaster? I haven't even got my Bullet yet!
Hah, that sucks. I'll give you my three if you never get them, haha. But seriously, I believe the later shipments had the o-ring on them, so you'll probably be good. No idea why they didn't just ship everyone that got the earlier ones replacements, but whatever. In any case, my three looked cool but they just fall right off the keychain. Very poorly constructed. The fix as they call it is pretty weak in my opinion.