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Cache Stash

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Cache Stash

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Imagine trying to keep small, loose items organized in your pockets. It would be a mess. Your extra bills would be crumpled outside your wallet, pills would form a cocktail with pocket lint, and fragile essentials like matches would break and become unusable. So how about a low-profile, robust cylinder to store them in?

The latest project from Bobby Davis and the rest of Spiffy Lab out of Minneapolis, MN, the Cache Stash is designed to do just that. Using the space inside a narrow cylinder and combining it with resilient materials, it's a lightweight and secure way to store extra pills, cash, rope, or other small items. Its slender 15.87mm diameter lets it sit alongside the rest of your tools as easily as a pen, and a screw-on top with an included keyring lets you to carry it as you see fit. Speaking of fit, the Cache Stash also comes in aluminum, carbon fiber, and copper to match the rest of your EDC's aesthetic.

With its shape and materials, the Cache Stash integrates seamlessly into any EDC. There's a little over two weeks left to add one to yours in your material of choice, so head over to Kickstarter through the link below.

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Omega ·
these look great and are quite discreet and well hidden.
Edit: just saw them as canceled, quite unfortunate, though i would certainly like a small one that can go on my key chain
Michael VanSickle ·
Why would you post this when the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled 7 days ago?